Mozart CMS

SEO-driven, Scalable and Lightning Fast CMS designed for Niche Content Websites.

Mozart CMS is a simple, easy to use custom built content management system that allows you to immediately start a content-driven search engine optimised website and scale it to become a global brand while retaining full ownership and control over your site.

"Designed by a team that knows what it's like to build and grow profitable niche content sites."

Search Engine Optimised

Writers and editors access permissions.

Lightning fast and easy to customise code.

Your own secure AWS VPS.

SEO out of the box

MozartCMS - The content marketer's dream

MozartCMS helps you get this kind of snippets by delivering you an SEO ready website with your own VPS and a sleek standard website design.

Rating: 4.5

Search preview tool integrated within your content creation area to ensure ideal title and description length along with optimised schema markup ready to enhance your opportunities to earn google snippets.

Real Customisability

Mozart CMS was built by people who actually went through the full steps of building and growing niche content-driven SEO websites making us understand your specific needs.

One size fits-all solutions are great for some things, but not for businesses that require freedom to create along with performance and no constraints.

MozartCMS outputs a clean, lightweight, efficient, fast and sleek website to ensure you can focus on high quality content while getting noticed by search engines quickly.

Being a pure PHP driven site, any developer can easily work on it and create whatever he envisions on it, thus removing constraints on your growth.

True Ownership and control

Nowadays everything is rented. Your online storage, your documents, your car, your house, your software and much more. Mozart CMS was built under the premise that business owners should be able to fully own and control their site.

We ship the code, you own it.

From the moment of delivery you'll have access to the best-in-class industry tools such as AWS Lightsail, S3 Buckets, Clouffront, cPanel, SQL databases and more.

By owning these tools, you'll be able to scale your site and transform it into anything you envision in the future without being trapped in an ecosystem with boring templates and rules that you never wanted in the first place.